Press releases 9th September 2016

Tennis Integrity Unit statement in respect of US Open match alert

There is a well-defined process for betting organisations to report match alerts to the Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU). That protocol should operate in a confidential fashion and involves the TIU using its expertise to assess every alert it receives, on its merits.

Publicising match alerts not only departs from that process, but is premature and inevitably draws unwarranted attention to the players involved in the match. Under the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program, all players are considered innocent unless proven otherwise at an independent anti-corruption hearing.

As with all cases, the TIU will assess, make a judgement and take appropriate action on the alert information received and obtained for the first round singles match between Vitalia Diatchenko and Timea Bacsinszky played at the US Open on 30th August.

For clarity, the TIU policy with regard to match alerts is as follows:

• every alert received is assessed and followed up as an indicator that something inappropriate may have happened. It is important to appreciate that an alert on its own is not evidence of match-fixing
• there are many reasons other than corrupt activity that can explain unusual betting patterns, such as incorrect odds-setting; well-informed betting; player fitness, fatigue and form; playing conditions and personal circumstances
• where analysis of a match alert does suggest corrupt activity, the TIU will conduct a full investigation. Depending on the individual circumstances of the case, that process may take several weeks or months and is carried out in confidence.

• This media release was originally published by the Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) on 7 September 2016. To access the original, please click here.

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