News 27th January 2016

Tennis to review anti-corruption programme

Tennis authorities have responded to allegations of corruption by launching an ‘independent review’ to examine the effectiveness of the Tennis Anti-Corruption Programme (TACP). The review will be funded by the governing bodies of tennis, who have also committed to implementing any reforms it recommends. A media statement said that although the review will report to the governing bodies of tennis, an ‘interim report will be provided’. Both the interim report and the full report will be made public, the TIU confirmed today.

The review will also examine how ‘the TIU can be more transparent without compromising the TIU’s need for investigative confidentiality’. As reported by the Sports Integrity Initiative, a strict confidentiality clause in the TACP prevents the TIU from even revealing if it is investigating corruption allegations, let alone who is involved. The Ethics Commission of the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) had a similar clause in place maintaining confidentiality, however it was relaxed on 6 November last year, to ‘allow the IAAF Independent Ethics Board to acknowledge the existence of proceedings currently before it and to comment on their current status without divulging details of the case’. Similar rules are in place regarding FIFA Ethics Committee, which can comment on the status of a case but not its details until a sanction is announced.

Adam Lewis QC, of Blackstone Chambers, will lead the Independent Review Panel producing the report. He will select two members to assist him with the review, and will set a timeline for the review in due course.

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