News 26 March 2015

Tennis suspends two players for violating anti-corruption rules

The Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU) has suspended two players after they were found guilty of an offence under the 2014 Tennis Anti-Corruption Programme. Italian Walter Trusendi (30) and French player Elie Rousset (25) were both suspended for six months and fined US$5,000. However, three months of Rousset’s sentence has been suspended due to good behaviour, and he will only have to pay US$2,000 with the remainder suspended subject to good behaviour. Both suspensions apply with immediate effect.

‘In a case involving both players at the same tournament in 2014, each party admitted to breaching Section D.1.d of the Program: “No Covered Person shall, directly or indirectly, contrive or attempt to contrive the outcome or any other aspect of any Event”’, read a TIU statement. The TIU, which is an initiative of the Grand Slam Board, the International Tennis Federation (ITF), the ATP World Tour and the WTA, said that no further details would be made public.

Trusendi currently holds a singles ranking of 425 and a doubles ranking of 292, however he has held a singles ranking of 299 and doubles ranking of 161. Rousset currently holds a singles ranking of 576, but has ranked at 454. He currently holds a doubles ranking of 351, but has ranked at 331.

UPDATE: Trusendi told Gazetta dello Sport that during the Mohammedia Challenger tournament in Morocco, he had contracted a fever and so called Rousset to say that he would withdraw from the event, allowing him to play, if Rousset would give him the first round prize money of €326 he would have received for competing. If not, Trusendi would play the first round match against German Richard Becker in order to receive the prize money, and then retire.

Unfortunately, an official overheard the call. However, Rousset said that such arrangements were common practice. “It happens every week”, he told L’Equipe. “He even said it would become a rule. I do not think that it is wrong. It is perhaps not in the regulations, but it is common sense. If I am honest, it makes me sick.”





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