21 July 2020

RUSADA completes analysis of ROC & RPC audit

The Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) has completed its analysis of the 55 page audit commissioned by the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) and Paralympic Committee (RPC) into its finances, and has sent a 68 page rebuttal of its findings to its Supervisory Board. The RUSADA rebuttal opens by declaring that FinExpertiza, which completed the 55 page audit for the ROC and RPC, did not request the documents that would be required to complete such an audit from RUSADA.

The FinExpertiza audit was commissioned by the ROC and RPC, which are RUSADA’s founders, after RUSADA’s Director General, Yuri Ganus (Ю́рий Га́нус), denied allegations that he had misappropriated RUSADA’s funds. This prompted the ROC and RPC to release the FinExpertiza audit, which it said had discovered financial irregularities at RUSADA. The agency then questioned the ROC and RPC’s motives in publishing the audit, which was marked as confidential. The Sports Integrity Initiative has asked FinExpertiza for a copy of the audit, which was published in image format, so that it can be translated.

‘We have finished analysing the Report of FinExpertiza, which was ordered by the ROC’, wrote Ganus on Twitter (below). ‘Due to the way in which our relations developed, I knew that we were not on the same team’.

‘Realising that our Study has discredited a custom Report, everything moves on a different plane’, he continued in another tweet (below). ‘I want to say that I will not voluntarily end my life and will continue to fight’.

‘Understanding possible scenarios in a situation where a Report ordered by the ROC aimed at my removal from office has become untenable, I officially declare: I love life, I will not commit suicide and consider all posthumous notes received as against my will’, he wrote in another tweet (below). ‘It’s time for our opponents to step out from behind the mirror’, he continued. ‘Problems with our sports jurisdiction cannot be solved by fabricating false accusations against me and RUSADA. They can only be aggravated.’

Ganus later clarified his comments. “I am an honest person and I have a great team that supports me”, he told Sport24. “We removed fabrications against me and, realising what could happen next due to the persistence of opponents, I understand from my own experience that things can be staged. I anticipate this of my ill wishers, taking into account my predecessors.”

In 2016, former Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) Director Nikita Kamaev and its Founding Chairman, Vyacheslav Sinev, died within two weeks of each other. The two had discussed collaborating with the International Network of Doping Research (INDR) on an exposé style book discussing doping.

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