News 19 February 2016

Prince Ali plans FIFA oversight group led by Kofi Annan

Prince Ali bin Al Hussein (pictured) would create a FIFA oversight group led by former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan, if appointed as FIFA’s new President on 26 February. The group would also consist of Ernesto Zedillo, former President of Mexico; Cateherine Bertini, former Executive Director of the World Food Programme; and Rick Parry, former CEO of the English Premier League and Liverpool FC. A statement said that the proposal had been discussed with all the individuals.

The statement said that the group would ‘help steer FIFA through its first year to recover from crisis and to support the future reform process’. However, it was short on detail regarding the work that the group would actually carry out. ‘The precise scope of work for the Group is likely to evolve over time’, it read.

The idea of independent oversight of FIFA is not new. In December 2015, sponsors wrote an open letter to FIFA calling for independent oversight of the organisation. In November 2015, co-founder of Transparency International Michael Hershman said that he had no confidence in FIFA’s ability to reform itself. However, Prince Ali is understood to be the first FIFA Presidential candidate to propose it.

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