News 23 October 2014

Cricket Australia offer match-fixing & doping amnesty

Cricket Australia (CA) is offering anybody coming forward with information about match-fixing or doping before the end of November an amnesty from its rules, which mandate a suspension of up to five years for failing to report a corrupt approach. “We think this is a responsible approach to protecting the game under our jurisdiction”, CA senior manager of integrity Iain Roy told AFP. “We need to ensure the Australian public has full faith in the integrity of the game and the way it is administered”.

CA has set up a hotline to report information in partnership with the Australian Cricketers’ Association. “In the past, players have told us they’ve had some concerns about reporting questionable approaches”, the ACA’s Graham Manou told AFP. “With the integrity hotline, they should have confidence that information may be reported confidentially and is being treated appropriately”. Australia is hosting the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

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