Press releases 1 April 2016

WADA Talks with Rob Koehler

In this second edition of WADA Talks of 2016, we sat down with Rob Koehler, WADA’s Senior Director, Education & NADO/RADO Relations to discuss values-based anti-doping education.

Values-based education is a relatively new field in anti-doping, explains Koehler, based on educating the athletes rather than simply providing them with information. It focuses on prevention and risk minimization which allows for a two way discussion on why something is wrong, why it should not be done and how athletes can protect themselves against it.

On anti-doping progress, Koehler says he has seen significant progress in the rules regarding education which has now become a mandatory element in the World Anti-Doping Code (Code).

In the interview, Koehler says that there is a great focus on helping stakeholders to implement education plans, and  to advocate and ensure that leaders are investing in anti-doping education. “There is a huge discrepancy if you look at how much money is being put into testing, and how much is being put into anti-doping education,” he says. “We need to find a balance here. We believe that finding the balance will start to yield positive benefits both to protect the clean athlete and to build trust in the system.”

WADA Talks sees the agency’s Senior Manager, Media Relations and Communications, Ben Nichols, interviewing leading figures from the athlete community, sport, government and other partners involved in the clean sport movement.

• This media release was originally published on the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) internet site on 30 March 2016. To access the original, please click here.

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