12th August 2019

Three athletes test positive at Lima 2019

Two positive tests by athletes competing at the Lima 2019 Pan American Games were confirmed over the weekend, after swimmer Mauricio Fiol confirmed a positive test for stanozolol last week. The Puerto Rico Olympic Committee (PROC) confirmed that its Gold Medal in doubles bowling has been withdrawn, after Jean Francisco Pérez Faure returned an adverse analytical finding (AAF) for Chlorthalidone, a diuretic used to treat high blood pressure.

It is understood that Pérez Faure did not have a valid therapeutic use exemption (TUE) covering his use of the medication. ‘The result with which the athlete is charged is medically authorised by two specialists and justified by his medical record, and there is no doubt that it is necessary to guarantee his health and quality of life’, read a statement posted by the Puerto Rico Bowling Federation posted on Facebook (below) by the athlete. ‘The athlete has the right to appeal the determination made […] which we understand and support as we are convinced that the situation of the athlete is protected by the principles that WADA seek to advance regarding protecting athlete health and ensuring clean sport. In the case of our athlete, there is no doubt about the medical justification for the therapeutic use of the medicine and there is no doubt that the drug involved does not provide any advantage or affect clean sport.’

Declaraciones autorizadas por la Federación de Bolos de Puerto Rico en relación al resultado adverso notificado al…

Posted by Jean Perez Faure on Sunday, 11 August 2019

On Friday, Panam Sports announced that Audrey Joel Pérez, a member of the Dominican Republic Baseball team, had returned an AAF for oxandrolone, reported Reuters. It is understood that the AAF did not affect the team’s fifth placed finish, as two or more AAFs are required to invalidate team results.

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