25 April 2022

The SII Anti-Doping Monitor – week ending 22 April 2022

Eleven athletes competing in seven sports, from five countries, were involved in anti-doping proceedings that came to light this week. Cases involved:

• a horse trainer’s recreational use of methamphetamine on her birthday causing a racehorse to test positive for the stimulant;
• four ‘whereabouts’ cases involving either missed tests and/or incorrect filing of information indicating availability for testing; and
• two cases of athletes caught competing whilst subject to a sanction.

But perhaps the most interesting development involved police investigations in France and Portugal into drug use in cycling. Following an investigation into amateur cycling, Police in the Pyrénées arrested five people and seized quantities of growth hormone, amphetamines, anabolic steroids, erythropoietin (EPO), syringes and vials, as well as €10,500 in cash. In a statement (below), Police emphasised that cryptocurrencies had been used to pay for the substances.

Portugal’s Judicial Police conducted a similar operation involving professional cycling, arresting two people. ‘During the investigation, several substances and clinical instruments were seized, used in the training of athletes and with an impact on their sporting performance’, read a statement. ‘The investigation continues in judicial secrecy’.

As such, this week’s cases underline the importance of legislative and police support in tackling doping. Of the 11 cases dealt with by anti-doping organisations this week, six involved athletes punished not for doping, but breaking rules on location filing or competing whilst sanctioned; whilst an additional two involved accidental doping. Police investigations, meanwhile, have dismantled two networks supplying athletes with prohibited substances. 

Please continue to send any cases we may have missed or suggestions through to our editor by clicking here. Also, if you’re an athlete, national anti-doping organisation (NADO) or other Results Management Authority and you’d like us to cover a case that you’re involved with, please get in touch! Also – a reminder. The SII Anti-Doping Monitor only features confirmed AAFs (‘positive tests’) or confirmed anti-doping rule violations (ADRVs).

Decision links

Mathew Kipkoech Kisorio (AIU Decision – Second offence as sanctioned with a two year ban in 2012 for an Anti-Doping Rule Violation involving steroids)

Justus Kimutai;

Dryden McKay;

Isabel Gormley;

Rochelle Lockett (Decision involving Lockett & Decision involving horse, Be Flexi);

Marzhana Ibaeva (Statement on competing while banned & Statement on original sanction);

Geony Borrego;

Riccardo Filippelli;

Manuela Rinaldi;

Simona Parente;

Fabrizio Puglisi (Statement on competing while banned & news Article covering original sanction)

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