13 October 2020

Cycling team blames ketone food supplements for 21 year old’s AAF

A 21 year old cyclist has been provisionally suspended after returning an adverse analytical finding (AAF) for two prohibited substances at the Giro dell’Emilia, part of the Italian u23 Road Championships. Luca Colnaghi returned an AAF for Andarine and Enobosarm (Ostarine), Italy’s national anti-doping agency (NADO Italia) announced. 

‘These are substances contained in a food supplement based on ketones regularly marketed on the internet and which is completely lawful’, read a statement from Zalf-Euromobil-Désirée Fior, understood to be one of the most successful u23 teams. ‘The substances identified by NADO Italia are, in fact, contained within the supplement and are not explicitly stated in the documents accompanying the product’. Zalf-Euromobil-Désirée Fior added that although, given the above, the prohibited substances had been taken ‘unconsciously’ by Colnaghi, they have taken the decision to provisionally suspend him from the team so that he can demonstrate that he acted in ‘good faith’. 

Nicola Forchia, a masters athlete has also been sanctioned with a two year ban, NADO Italia announced. It is understood that the M60 athlete returned an AAF for a metabolite of cocaine at the Marathon Maga Circe on 2 February 2020. Table tennis player Fabrizio Puglisi has been sanctioned with a four year ban after returning AAFs for metabolites of cocaine and THC in February. Dario Pinci, a motorsport driver, was sanctioned with a six month ban after proving that he was not at fault for an AAF. 

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