News 6 May 2016

Sports Integrity Briefs – 6 May 2016

• Eric Pickles, the UK Government Anti-Corruption ‘Champion’, has reportedly said that sports bodies, including FIFA and UEFA, would in the future have to sign a joint statement ‘pledging to fighting corruption in sport’. Pickles’ comments come after UK Prime Minister David Cameron proposed a global anti-corruption agency in the wake of the Panama Papers which revealed the large-scale use of tax havens around the globe.


• An Italian prosecutor has revealed that match-fixing in Italian football runs far deeper than he originally thought. Speaking to the Italian newspaper Calcio News 24, Roberto Di Martino said that the manipulation of matches was an ‘industry’ and that, despite recent high profile prosecutions, ‘the cancer has not been eliminated’. Di Martino was prosecutor at many of these high profile sporting trials, including the recent case against the current Italian head coach Antonio Conte, who is set to take charge of Chelsea next season.


• UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) has reportedly decided not to allocate any of its public funding to the Scottish Football Association (SFA) this year. According to the BBC, UKAD views ‘Scottish football as a low-risk sport for drug misuse’. In response the SFA said that it was ‘disappointed’ that UKAD ‘have taken what seems an arbitrary decision’.


UKAD Chief Executive Nicole Sapstead has said that the rise in doping violations in rugby, specifically those involving steroids, is a ‘worrying trend’. Yesterday, UKAD announced that three rugby union players from lower league amateur clubs in the UK had been banned for twelve, four and two years for breaking anti-doping violations. Sapstead said that UKAD must continue to ‘take a preventative approach by educating players and athletes, at all levels, on the dangers of steroid use’.

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