News 28 April 2016

Sports Integrity Briefs – 28 April 2016

• A professional video gaming team from Hong Kong has been banned by a major gaming portal for match-fixing. In a statement E-Frag, which hosts the online shooting game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), said an investigation into the team, InchK1ng, had confirmed that match-fixing took place. The investigation, in collaboration with betting site CSGO Lounge, had found ‘undeniable evidence’ that a large number of bets had been made by a player against his own team.


• The International Swimming Federation (FINA) has said that its Executive has ‘decided that no action should be taken’ against the French water polo team over allegations that the team deliberately lost a match in order to gain a more favourable fixture in their bid of Olympic qualification. In losing to Canada in the Men’s Water Polo Olympic Games Qualification Tournament in Trieste, Italy, earlier this month, France were drawn against lower ranked The Netherlands instead of Spain in the crucial knockout stages of the tournament. FINA said that the case was ‘closed, without any further consequences’.


• A football player for top flight Argentine football club San Martín de San Juan has reportedly failed a doping test. According to the club President the player, Javier Toledo, was undergoing medical treatment at the time of the failed test in February and was consuming a banned drug as part of his treatment. The Buenos Aires Herald reported that Jorge Miadosqui, San Martin’s President, had said that Toledo’s consumption was the club’s fault, as they ‘didn’t inform the officials of the treatment before the match’. Under the Argentine Football Association’s (AFA) Anti-Doping regulations, a positive test can result in a ban from six months to two years.

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