News 27th October 2015

Sports Integrity Briefs – 27 Oct. 2015

IOC to suspend Kuwait for political interference: The Associated Press has reported that Kuwait is being suspended by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for ‘political interference.’ Representatives from the IOC met with those from the Kuwait Government and Kuwait Olympic Committee (KOC) earlier in October to discuss ‘a number of issues related to the legislation of sports’ in the country. However it is being reported that ‘Kuwait failed to amend its disputed sports legislation’ by the 27 October deadline set by the IOC. Earlier the Sports Integrity Initiative reported that the Kuwait Football Association had been suspended by FIFA after the country failed to meet the deadline for ‘changes to be made to the sports law of Kuwait.’

High risk of WADA-banned substances in over-the-counter supplements: The Herald Sun has reported that a division of Racing Analytical Services, Human and Supplement Testing Australia (HASTA), have completed a testing survey showing that professional athletes in Australia face a high risk of unknowingly ingesting banned substances in publicly sold supplements. According to the Australian newspaper, HASTA reportedly found that 10 of the 63 over-the-counter products contained substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) that had not been declared on the label.


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