News 26 October 2015

Sports Integrity Briefs – 26 Oct. 2015

Barcelona boss wants full investigation: Barcelona FC’s coach, Luis Enrique, has said in a press conference that he hopes that the match-fixing claims, which were reported by the Sports Integrity Initiative, are “fully investigated to avoid any risk to our football.” Asked whether there were attempts to “stain the reputation of Spanish football”, the coach said that the news was both “surprising” and “unpleasant”. Rafael Benitez, Real Madrid’s coach, on the other hand, has reportedly said that the claims don’t ‘appear to be a genuine complaint’, adding that ‘repeating something that isn’t genuine makes it look like something without any foundation has credibility.’

UKAD threatened over potential funding cuts: David Kenworthy, the Chair of UK Anti-Doping (UKAD), told the BBC in an interview that the UK’s national anti-doping agency was “in jeopardy” over potential government funding cuts. According to Kenworthy, UKAD has been told to “expect a cut of up to 25%” which he claims would threaten the agency’s survival and means that “the integrity of UK sport is at risk.”

US state deems fantasy sports to be gambling: The Nevada Gaming Control Board, a state governmental agency involved in the regulation of gaming in the US state, has ordered daily fantasy sports sites to obtain a gambling licence or face a ban from operating within the state. Such a licence is undesirable to fantasy sports sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel, who ‘insist they are skill-based games and not chance-based wagers.’ According to Forbes, only one daily fantasy sports company, Draft Ops, who’s principle place of business if in Nervada, is interested in obtaining a Nevada gaming license.

Doping suspicion the ‘ultimate compliment’: Two-time winner of the Tour de France Chris Froome has reportedly said that repeated questions around doping and cheating were ‘frustrating’ but that, ‘In a way, getting those accusations is the ultimate compliment.’ According to the AFP, the cyclist added that it was ‘unfortunate’ that that is what the ‘yellow jersey wearer of the Tour de France has to put up with’ but said that ‘you just have to get on with the racing and get through it.’

‘Fundamental reform’ needed across all sports: Play the Game, an ‘international conference and communication initiative aiming to strengthen the ethical foundation of sport and promote democracy’ has published a new report which ‘identifies serious governance deficiencies in international sport.’ In what it has called the ‘first in-depth analysis of the governance structures of all 35 Olympic international federations’, the report was launched on Sunday at the opening of Play the Game’s conference in Denmark.

BOA Chairman proposes jail for doping athletes: The Daily Mail has reported that Lord Moynihan, the Chairman of the British Olympic Association (BOA) has reportedly proposed that a new law be implemented in the UK which would ‘see those caught using performance-enhancing drugs’ to be ‘sent to prison for up to two-years.’ Lord Moynihan allegedly made the comments in a Sunday Times article where he said that ‘fraud as a criminal offence should apply as much to them [athletes] as it does to fraud in the City of London or in society in general.’


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