News 23rd May 2016

Sports Integrity Briefs – 23 May 2016

• World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) President, Sir Craig Reedie (pictured), hopes to have raised a US$1.2 million (€1 million) to be used to investigate doping by the end of the year. “I made an appeal in November last year after the Pound report, when Governments seemed very keen on investigations”, he told Inside The Games. “My guess is that by roughly the end of June I will have raised about $600,000 (€535,000) from Governments, and I will then formally write to the IOC and ask them to match it. If that comes about, I then have obviously up to $1.2 million (£827,000/€1 million) as an investigations fund.”

• WADA has published the Terms of Reference for the appointment of Canadian lawyer Richard McLaren to investigate allegations that the doping control process at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics has been manipulated. They stipulate that McLaren’s report must be presented to the WADA President no later than 15 July 2016.

• New Zealand Football has announced that Drug Free Sport New Zealand (DFSNZ) is investigating a ‘potential adverse analytical finding’ reported by midfielder Clayton Lewis. ‘The adverse finding, which was found while Lewis was playing for Auckland City FC in an ASB Premiership match in February 2016, suggests that the 19-year-old had a high level of Ventolin (salbutamol), a common asthma drug, in his system’, reads a statement. ‘This drug was prescribed to Lewis by a doctor to treat longstanding asthma symptoms. The cause of this elevated level is being investigated by Drug Free Sport New Zealand.’

• The Portuguese football players association (SJPF) has called for a serious debate between all involved parties about what can be done to tackle match-fixing in football, after a number of players were arrested as part of operation ‘double game’ at the weekend. ‘The SJPF will convene its institutional partners for a serious debate on what measures, by way of sporting rules, can and should be taken’, read a statement. ‘The urgency is great, given that licensing of clubs for the next sports season is pending’. It is understood that 15 players and officials have been arrested to date by the Judicial Police.

• The Union Cyclist Internationale (UCI) has imposed a two-year ban on Slovenian cyclist Blaza Klemencic, after reanalysis of a sample taken on 27 March 2012 returned a positive test for recombinant erythropoietin (EPO). ‘The results obtained by the rider from 27 March 2012 to 31 December 2012 are disqualified, whilst all other results shall stand’, read a UCI statement. That means that Klemencic will lose the silver medal she took at the 2014 MTB European Championships cross country race. Klemencic has been suspended since September last year, as reported by The Sports Integrity Initiative.

• Professional cyclists Iván Parra and Rafael Infantino have been banned for four years after testing positive for GHRP-2, which stimulates production of human growth hormone, reports El Tiempo.

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