News 3rd March 2016

Report alleges Kenyan women’s team involved in ‘ghost game’

An investigative report has alleged that Kenyan football and government officials colluded to make it appear as though the national women’s team had travelled to Tanzania for a 2012 international game, in order to pocket government money intended for the trip. The allegations relate to two scheduled international matches in 2012, against Ethiopia and Tanzania. The documentary (below) entitled ‘Fix My Country’ features evidence from former national team captain Doreen Nabwire Omondi, who says that after the team lost 5 – 0 to Ethiopia, passports were collected. They were later returned to players featuring a stamp to signify that they had visited Tanzania for seven days.

The documentary alleges that officials from the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) and the Ministry of Sport pocketed government money that was supposed to be spent on the national team’s trip to Tanzania – there is no suggestion that betting is involved. The games were part of the 2012 Africa Women’s Seniors Championships, which the FKF withdrew the team from prior to the first round qualifier. A year earlier, questions were asked after the FKF withdrew the national team from the qualifiers for the 2011 All-Africa Games after players had travelled to Nairobi in preparation for the opening game against Tanzania.

The documentary claims that although the allegations were investigated at the time, no action has been taken by the FKF and the government. Current FKF Vice President Doris Petra’s name is mentioned in connection to the allegations, however she claimed that a decision was made not to spend any more money on the national team following the 5 – 0 loss. “I don’t believe collecting the passports was for any wrong intention”, she states in the report.

• For more on ‘ghost games’ and how they can be connected to betting, read this feature by Jake Marsh of the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS).

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