News 10 September 2015

Polish tennis players suspended for breaching integrity rules

Polish tennis players Piotr Gadomski and Arkadiusz Kocyla have been banned for seven years and five years respectively, after being found guilty of breaching the rules of the Tennis Anti-Corruption Programme. ‘Mr Gadomski, 24, was found guilty of four charges under Section D of the 2012 Program and has been suspended for a period of seven years and fined US $15,000’, read a 10 September statement (available below) from the Tennis Integrity Unit, an initiative of the Grand Slam Board, the International Tennis Federation, the Association of Tennis Professionals World Tour and the Women’s Tennis Association. ‘Mr Kocyla, 21, was found guilty of three charges under Section D of the 2012 and 2013 Programs, and has been suspended for a period of five years and fined US $15,000’.

As the media statement suggests, both players have been suspended for offences relating to match-fixing. The TIU said that no further details on the hearing or the decision, taken after a 13 August hearing in London, would be revealed. As reported by the Sports Integrity Initiative earlier this week, a Belgian Federal Prosecutor has reportedly launched an investigation into corruption in tennis. This followed a July warning from ESSA, which represents the regulated gambling industry, that tennis was dominating its suspicious betting activity alerts.

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