News 12th January 2015

Peruvian Olympic Committee disputes corruption allegations

The Peruvian Olympic Committee (COP) has issued a clarification, after allegations made by Politician Daniel Abugattás that it “wasted” PEN1.5 million (€425,500) on redecorating its offices. Abugattás represents the constituency of Lima, which is scheduled to host the 2019 Pan-American Games. He made the allegations through a series of posts on his Twitter account, which were picked up by local media.

‘The invoices showed by the Congressman in his Twitter account are related to the building of the National Youth Sports Village (Videna) in San Luis, which created more than 1,500m2 of office space’, read the COP’s clarification. ‘The organising committees of all Games held in recent years have been based in such spaces, including the Bid Committee for the 2019 Pan American Games Lima, the organising committee for the VI South American Games in 2015, amongst others. This is State-owned land administered by the COP. We believe that we have enabled over 1,500m2 of space to service the organising committees of sporting events and federations that do not have their own office space, and can use these services temporarily, avoiding higher expenses and providing a legacy of infrastructure for the benefit of Peruvian Sport.’

The COP also denied allegations, made by Abugattás, that the COP had not paid coaches, and had abandoned athletes. ‘Please note that the governing body of sport in Peru is the Peruvian Sports Institute’, read its clarification statement. ‘The COP provides scholarships to athletes and coaches for their development and training, and so shares the interest of Congressman Abugattás in that regard.

In its clarification statement, the COP also denied figures published in local media concerning the amount it had spent on advisors. ‘What we can say is that the organisation of a mutli-sport event requires drawing on the support of both foreign and national highly specialised and qualified consultants. These appointments are temporary.’

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