News 17 February 2015

‘Courtsiders’ evicted from Cricket World Cup

Several people were evicted from the 14 February New Zealand vs. Sri Lanka opening match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 for ‘courtsiding’, which New Zealand police said breached the ticketing terms for the tournament. ‘Courtsiding refers to the practice of spectators within venues relaying information of incidents during games to people overseas, taking advantage of broadcasting time delays to manipulate betting’, said New Zealand police in a statement. ‘It is different from match-fixing, which is the manipulation of sporting events to achieve a pre-determined outcome. Courtsiding is not illegal in New Zealand, but it is a breach of the terms and conditions of ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 tickets.’

While ‘courtsiding’ is not specifically mentioned in the ICC’s ticketing terms and conditions for the tournament, use of electronic devices for betting activities (para. 30) – or to relay information (para. 31) – is prohibited. Last year, Victoria police attempted to charge a UK citizen with courtsiding at the Australian Open, however the charges were later withdrawn.

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