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Jack Kerr is an Australian investigative journalist and documentary maker, who has featured in the New York Times, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, ABC, Vice and others.

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News 02/09/2016

AFC provisionally suspends Wanderley Santos over fake passport

The first head has rolled in Asian football’s fake passport scandal, with the provisional suspension of a Brazilian striker allegedly playing on Indonesian papers in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Wanderley Santos Monteiro Júnior is a 27-year-old from Sao Paulo who authorities in Jakarta reportedly claim has been using...

News 12/08/2016

AFC launches football passport fraud investigations

The United Arab Emirates’ Arabian Gulf League is named in two investigations into passport fraud, The Sports Integrity Initiative has learned. The separate but overlapping investigations revolve around the use of false, stolen and/or improperly obtained passports. One investigation relates to widespread abuse of Asian football’s ‘3+1’ rule, under...

News 07/06/2016

East Timor select naturalised Brazilians while FIFA investigate

East Timor has resumed its controversial use of naturalised Brazilians in competitive internationals, fielding three such players in Asian Cup qualifiers over the past week. An ongoing investigation by FIFA is looking into the Asian nation’s use of naturalised Brazilians in recent World Cup qualifiers. It was sparked by...

News 05/02/2016

FIFA inaction on ineligible East Timor players

Nearly four months after a formal complaint was lodged with its acting Secretary-General, FIFA is yet to say if it will take action against East Timor, whose national team is alleged to have fielded seven ineligible players in a recent World Cup qualifier. East Timor has naturalised close to...

Features 25/11/2015

Timor: sock puppets infiltrate Opta database

The integrity of the prestigious Opta database is under question, after fraudulent information released by a group of online aliases was found on websites reliant on Opta data. Opta is a trusted supplier of match information to the betting industry, and also feeds data to sites like Soccerway and...

Features 16/11/2015

‘Sock puppets’ attacking football data in South East Asia

A ‘sock puppet’ is an online identity assumed by somebody who pretends to be another person. It appears that a group of sock puppets are targeting Wikipedia, creating pages relating to naturalised Brazilians who have played for the East Timor national team. Investigative journalist and documentary maker Jack Kerr...

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