14th October 2020

WADA spent US$1.6 million investigating Scott & Moses intimidation claims

Investigations into Scott’s & Moses’s claims represented 45% of a $3.5 million increase in ‘project consulting fees’…

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) spent US$1.6 million on investigations into claims of intimidation by two senior athlete members of staff, despite neither of them supporting or participating in WADA’s investigations, the agency’s 2019 Annual Report has revealed. WADA’s investigations into claims by Beckie Scott and Ed Moses that they were intimidated at WADA board meetings cost 45% of a $3.5 million increase in ‘project consulting fees’ to $6.9 million, the Report (PDF below) reveals.

Both Scott and Moses refused to take part in WADA’s investigations into claims that they were intimidated, after raising concerns about how such investigations were being conducted. A timeline outlining their concerns features in this article.

Three Russian biathletes ‘unsuccessfully sued’ WADA during 2019…

WADA also invested over $600,000 in its successful appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) against the international swimming federation’s (FINA) decision not to sanction Sun Yang for refusing sample collection, after finding that the correct procedures weren’t followed. Sun has now appealed to the Swiss Federal Tribunal (SFT), meaning WADA’s costs relating to this case are likely to rise.

WADA’s Annual Report also reveals that a legal case brought by three Russian biathletes was dismissed by a Canadian court during 2019. This is understood to be the defamation lawsuit filed by Yana Romanova (Яна Романова), Olga Vilukhina (Ольга Вилухина), and Olga Zaytseva (Ольга Зайцева) filed with the New York Supreme Court in 2018 (PDF below).

WADA’s Budget is less than the annual wages of top footballers…

The CAS recently upheld appeals from Romanova and Vilukhina but not Zaytseva’s appeal, ruling that the salt content of her sample indicated tampering, and the only reason for tampering with a sample would be because it contained a prohibited substance. Zaytseva has already indicated that she plans to appeal, meaning WADA’s costs are also likely to rise in relation to this case. In total, WADA defended 13 cases before State courts in Canada, France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the UK, and the USA.

At $38 million, WADA’s 2019 Budget was less than the annual wages of any of the three highest paid footballers. Its total income was $38 million and its operating expenses were $37.8 million, leading to a net income of $573,000. Its top three expenses were salaries & personnel ($15.7 million – salaries were $11 million, an average wage of $85,000 for its 130 staff); ‘project consulting fees’ ($6.9 million), and travel & accommodation ($4 million), which topped its spend on research ($2.3 million).

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