20th August 2018

Ukraine Police investigate Yarmolenko transfer

Ukraine’s police are investigating allegations that a solidarity payment made as part of Andriy Yarmolenko’s August 2017 transfer from Dynamo Kiev to Borussia Dortmund may not have arrived at its intended location. It is understood that the money arrived in the accounts of an unknown organisation with a similar name to that of the youth football organisation in Yarmolenko’s home town of Chernihiv. Yarmolenko moved from Germany to play for English Premier League club West Ham United in July 2018.

“The amount of money that may have been appropriated is €150,000”, the Chernihiv football federation’s youth Director Gennady Prokopovich (Геннадій Прокопович) told the Football Federation of the Ukraine’s (FFU) internet site. “These are funds that should be directed towards the needs of students of the youth school of Olympic reserve for football, part of the Chernihiv regional state administration”. 

It is understood that as part of Yarmolenko’s transfer to Borussia Dortmund, it was specified that Dynamo Kiev should pay a €286,000 solidarity payment to the Chernihiv regional state administration’s youth football school, which coached Yarmolenko. However, the FFU said that only €150,000 of this had been paid, to a different organisation known as ‘Chernihiv regional football club youth’. 

The FFU said investigators found that this organisation was created in 2015, and therefore could not have trained Yarmolenko. An agreement was made to transfer the €150,000 from Dynamo Kiev to this organisation via a Cyprian company, ‘Dynamo Kyiv Ltd.’, said the FFU. The FFU said that it had passed all its information to the police, and it is understood that the situation is also being monitored by FIFA and UEFA. 

‘Using the appropriate legal method, it was agreed that Dynamo Kiev will be responsible for the payment of all solidarity fees, as it is better acquainted with Ukrainian football and its relations with relevant stakeholders’, read a statement from the German club provided to Football24. Dynamo Kiev has yet to issue a statement about the case.

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