Uncategorized 24th July 2015

Two more Bolivian football officials in custody

Two more Bolivian football executives handed themselves in to police yesterday, following an investigation into allegations of corruption, reported AFP. Pedro Zambrano is understood to be a member of the FBF’s Executive Committee, and Jorge Justiniano is understood to be President of the National Football Association, which administers the amateur game. This follows the arrest of FBF President Carlos Chavez and Secretary General Alberto Lozada, whose trial was postponed earlier this week, as reported by the Sports Integrity Initiative.

Prosecutors are investigating allegations including money laundering, abuse of office, tax crimes and other offences. They have received statements from over 40 football leaders over the past month and a half. Prosecutors are also investigating whether football officials have been involved with payments connected to the bribery of senior officials at FIFA, in connection to the contracting of TV rights for the qualifying games of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia.

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