27th July 2015

Two more athletes test positive at Pan American Games

Two more positive tests have brought the total number of athletes reporting adverse analytical findings for performance enhancing drugs at the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games to 15, 11 of which have been confirmed by the Pan American Sports Organisation (PASO). The Chilean Olympic Committee (COCH) told media in Toronto that marathon runner Christopher Guajardo had reported a positive test. “Right now, as Head of Mission, I am trying to carry out an investigation into what substance was ingested by the athlete”, COCH Head of Mission Jamie Agliati told media. “He is very concerned”, said Agliati about Guajardo. “We are now waiting for the outcome of our research”.

Over the weekend, it also emerged that Astrid Camposeco, a Guatemalan weightlifter who competed at the London 2012 Olympics, had reported an adverse analytical finding (AAF) following a 23 May pre-competition test. ‘On 9 July in the central offices of the ANADO [Guatemalan anti-doping agency] the test results were received’, read a 13 July statement from the Guatemalan Olympic Committee (COG). ‘An adverse analytical finding was reported, which is why the aforementioned athlete has been provisionally suspended […] In a hearing held with Camposeco, she expressed interest in having her B sample analysed.’

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