14th February 2020

Triathlete implicated in Operation Aderlass sanctioned with four year ban

Triathlete Florian Lienhart has been sanctioned with a four year ban after testing positive for erythropoietin (EPO), and due to evidence obtained during the Operation Aderlass investigation into the customers of Dr. Mark Schmidt. A statement (click here to download) from the Austrian anti-doping rights commission (ÖADR) outlined that Lienhart had tested positive for EPO at the Austrian CrossTriathlon State Championships on 25 May, but also at the Neufelder Triathlon on 9 June. He was provisionally suspended in August last year.

The ÖADR statement outlines that the Operation Aderlass criminal investigation revealed that Lienhart had acquired EPO and Genotropin (a growth hormone) between January and March 2019, and had used both during Spring 2019, including via an intravenous infusion of 100ml to 250ml of saline EPO. The four year ban runs from 3 August 2019, however part of the ban is suspended for six months, meaning it will end on 2 February 2023 unless the six month suspension is revoked.

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