25th August 2015

Toronto 2015 Marathon winner’s positive could be explained by TUE

A positive test recorded by Gladys Tejeda, winner of the women’s marathon at the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games, could be explained by a therapeutic use exemption (TUE). According to local reports, the Peruvian Olympic Committee (POC) had informed the Pan American Sports Organisation (PASO) that Tejeda had been receiving medical treatment.

“A committee on TUEs exists within PASO, which is responsible for assessing the cases of athletes who have health problems”, Akio Tamashiro, a member of the Lima 2019 Pan American Games organising committee, told local media. “In such cases, the Peruvian Athletics Federation informs the Peruvian Olympic Committee and in this case, PASO, within the format and time requested. Therefore, the committee already know about the drug concerned.”

PASO President, Julio César Maglione, said that although Tejeda had failed a doping test at Toronto 2015, reported local media, a decision had yet to be made due to the mitigating circumstances. Tejeda (pictured) broke the Pan American Games record with a time of 2:33:03 in the women’s marathon, finishing over two and a half minutes before second-placed Brazilian, Adriana Da Silva.

Over 16 athletes reported adverse analytical findings at Toronto 2015, 11 of which have been confirmed by PASO. The Sports Integrity Initiative has repeatedly asked PASO to update its list of athletes reporting AAFs, however has yet to receive a reply.

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