29th October 2019

The ‘natural’ substance banning athletes from sport

Despite being marketed as “natural”, Higenamine is one of the leading causes of positive doping tests in Australia. Be aware, higenamine and other banned substances have been found in a number of supplements and not all of those products have those banned substances listed on the ingredients label.

If detected in an athlete’s sample, the athlete can face an up to four-year ban from sport. Higenamine is found in many popular supplements and can also be called:

• Norcoclaurine
• Demethylcoclaurine
• Aconite
• Annona squamosal
• Nandina domestica
• Tinospora crispa

Higenamine, a S3 class Beta-2 Agonist, allows lungs to take in more oxygen and is prohibited in- and out-of-competition. However, as a cardiotonic, higenamine can increase heart rate, putting an athlete at an increased risk of heart problems such as palpitations and irregular heartbeat.

ASADA warns the consumer has no way of determining how much higenamine is in a supplement even if it is on the label as the levels vary widely. ASADA further warns that manufacturers’ ingredients vary from product to product, and flavour to flavour.

ASADA does not approve or endorse any supplements. “We have not and will not approve or endorse supplements, they pose too much of a risk to an athlete’s health and career,” says ASADA CEO David Sharpe. ASADA recommends you check all your substances before you take them on the ASADA Clean Sport app. For more information visit: ASADA tech.

Note, the following supplements are labelled as containing Higenamine.

Name Flavour S3
The one Green Apple Higenamine
Blaze Pineapple Splash Higenamine
End of Days Lemon Lime Higenamine
The Guerrilla Chemist Guerrilla Juice Higenamine
BZRK Peach Higenamine
Loco   Higenamine
Spazmatic Watermelon Taffy Higenamine
Cobra 6 Extreme Kiwi Strawberry Higenamine
Viper X Kiwi Strawberry Higenamine
Crack3D-U4X Berry Lemonade Higenamine
Albutarex v2 Berry Colada Higenamine
Awaken   Higenamine
Thermoshred Pineapple Mango Higenamine
Ripped Thermogenic Mixed Berry Higenamine
Staunch Peach Mango Higenamine
Dust Cotton Candy Nelumbo Necifera

• This media release was published by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA) on 29 October 2019. Click here for the original.


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