16th September 2021

The ITA issues a decision sanctioning Dorin Balmus to a lifetime of ineligibility for tampering and complicity

• The International Testing Agency (ITA) reports that it has issued the Decision to sanction Moldovan Doctor Dorin Balmus to a lifetime period of ineligibility due to anti-doping rule violations (ADRVs) for Tampering and Complicity.

The ITA reports that on 8 November 2015, during a sample collection mission in Chisinau, Moldova, Dorin Balmus, a Moldovan doctor working for the Moldovan Weightlifting Federation (MWF), acted as the representative for three MWF athletes – Iurie Bulat, Ghenadie Dudoglo and Artiom Pipa – to be tested on that day. However, subsequent DNA analysis, prompted by an investigation conducted by the World Anti-Doping Agency’s Intelligence & Investigation Department, showed that the three athletes had been replaced by so-called “doppelgängers” who were asked to provide clean samples on behalf of the athletes, each undergoing a doping cycle at the time.

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