18th May 2017

Swedish FA postpone game after match-fixing attempt

The Swedish football association (SvFF) has postponed this evening’s match between Gothenburg and AIK after a player was approached by a match-fixer who offered him a large sum of money. ‘The AIK player was called to a meeting at which he was offered a substantial amount in compensation – if he actively contributed to the club losing this evening’s planned game’, read an SvFF statement. ‘When SvFF was informed last night about the incident, interested parties – the police, AIK, IFK Göteborg and Svensk Elitfotboll were contacted […] The police have initiated a preliminary investigation.’

AIK received information from the player about the approach on Wednesday, after which it contacted the SvFF and Svensk Elitfotboll (SEF), said a statement from SEF issued following a press conference. The SEF represents the 32 teams in Sweden’s top two football divisions, the Allsvenskan and the Superettan. AIK and IFK Göteborg issued statements linking to the SvFF statement, but have not commented further.

“From the police perspective, we have a group organised that works on crimes that affect sport”, said Fredrik Gårdare, the police officer responsible for investigating the approach, in the SEF statement. “We shall act promptly…we will not post any further information right now, but we are taking this seriously. We will target the actors involved in criminal activities who infiltrate football and operate using threats and bribes.”

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