Features 13 November 2019

Sutton denies ordering Testogel & injecting testosterone

Shane Sutton, former Technical Director at British Cycling, stormed out of yesterday’s Medical Practitioners Tribunal Service (MPTS) hearing into allegations against Dr. Richard Freeman, after denying ordering Testogel and arguing there was no evidence that he had injected testosterone. Dr. Freeman has already admitted ordering 30 sachets of Testogel from Fit4Sport on 16 May 2011, however argues that Sutton bullied him into ordering it.

Sutton denied that the Testogel was ordered for him to treat erectile dysfunction and denied ordering it himself. However, he did not appear to conclusively deny that it was ordered for him. “I would have no problem in telling you it was for me”, The Guardian reported him as saying. “You are telling the press I can’t get a hard on – my wife wants to testify that you are a bloody liar […] I was asked to come here and answer whether I ordered Testogel. I did not.”

After leaving the hearing early, reporters asked Sutton about whether it was accurate that he had injected testosterone whilst competing in the 1990s, as an anonymous witness had claimed. “As I said in there, where’s the evidence?” he said. 

It is understood that this is the same anonymous witness who gave evidence to the Culture, Media and Sport (CMS) Committee for its 2018 Combating Doping in Sport. Mary O’Rourke, representing Dr. Freeman, said that the witness had provided his name and details to UK Sport, UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) and Damian Collins, who chaired the CMS Committee (later renamed as the Digital, Culture, Media, and Sport Committee). 

When Sutton hazarded a guess at who it was, O’Rourke told him he had named the wrong man. The MPTS today confirmed that Sutton will not be returning to continue giving evidence. The hearing will resume tomorrow when Dr. Steve Peters, who also previously worked for British Cycling and Team Sky, will give evidence.

Dr. Freeman has already admitted 18 of the 22 misconduct charges against him, as reported yesterday. He denies intentionally ordering Testogel for an athlete to cheat, claiming that Sutton bullied him into ordering it. This appears to tally with the evidence provided by the anonymous whistleblower to the CMS Committee, which suggested that Sutton directed the medical team. 

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