29th November 2018

Sundra Rajoo resigns from FIFA Ethics Committee

Sundra Rajoo has resigned as Deputy Chairman of the FIFA Ethics Committee after being implicated in an investigation launched by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC), FIFA confirmed today. Rajoo earlier resigned as Director of the Asian International Arbitration Centre (AIAC), after he was arrested as part of an investigation by the MACC.

‘The MACC are following up on an anonymous letter circulated last month about contract renewals of our management’, read an AIAC statement. ‘The AIAC as a responsible organisation has zero tolerance with regards to any corrupt practices and will extend all co-operation to any Government agencies including in this case the MACC, in verifying facts or clarifying matters in any enquiries. While the contents of the letter are spurious and erroneous, we will none-the-less assist the MACC in any way we can to clear-up this matter.’

It is understood that the anonymous letter alleges that Rajoo misappropriated government funds in order to extend his term as Director of the AIAC. In December 2017, Rajoo became the first Malaysian to be appointed to the FIFA Ethics Committee.

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