Press releases 16th June 2020

Statement from Christian Coleman

To my fans, followers, supporters and fellow athletes – I want to make you all aware of a situation I’m currently dealing with. A few days ago, the AIU [Athletics Integrity Unit of World Athletics] came to a decision that I’ve been appealing for 6 months that I missed a test On December 9th, 2019. And now this might result in me being suspended from other filing failures that occurred well over a year ago at this point.

Don’t tell me I “missed” a test if you sneak up on my door (parked outside the gate and walked through…there’s no record of anyone coming to my place) without my knowledge. Knocked while I was Christmas shopping 5 mins away at the mall (I have receipts and bank statements) and didn’t even bother to call me or attempt to reach me. I was more than ready and available for testing and if I had received a phone call I could’ve taken the drug test and carried on with my night.

The 9 December 2019 Unsuccessful Attempt Report…

I was only made aware of this attempted drug test the next day on December 10th, 2019 by the AIU when I got this failed attempt report out of nowhere. I was completely unaware anybody tried to test me the day before. I posted a picture of the report for you all to see. Please read what the DCO wrote in the comments. I’ve been contacted by phone literally every other time I’ve been tested. Literally. Idk why this time was different. He even said he couldn’t hear the doorbell so why wouldn’t you call me? Why would the AIU tell him not to contact me? He put down the wrong address btw so who knows if he even came to my spot.

That night I have multiple receipts of going shopping then getting food and coming back during this time so I don’t think he stayed for an hour and WHY WOULD AIU TELL HIM NOT TO CALL ME?! But then I get condemned by the fans because they think it’s a straight forward simple process, which it should be and how I would hope it to be. The AIU has to stop playing man. 2 days later they came back to test me…and followed the normal protocol and called and of course there were no issues with my test. And I’ve been tested multiple times since, even during quarantine. But of course that doesn’t matter, and the fact that I have never taken drugs doesn’t matter either. 

The December 9th attempted drug-test is the third infraction in a 12-month period. The other two – a missed test on January 16th, 2019 and a filing failure on April 26th, 2019. I take responsibility for missing the USADA [US Anti-Doping Agency] agent on January 16th, 2019 because I was at the weight room in the morning. But I think the attempt on December 9th was a purposeful attempt to get me to miss a test. As an athlete and role model, it is my responsibility to be honest and transparent with the fans, supporters and track community. I wanted to use this platform to share the facts, answer any questions and express my concern for this whereabouts system. 

Last year I publicly addressed my stance on clean sport when I was dealing with USADA when they wrongly charged me with missing 3 tests… And today, nothing has changed. I have never and will never use performance enhancing supplements or drugs. I am willing to take a drug test EVERY single day for the rest of my career for all I care to prove my innocence.

I have nothing to hide but it’s not possible to show that if I’m not even given a chance to. I am committed to the fight for clean spot. I support USADA, WADA [World Anti-Doping Agency] and the AIU to keep athletes and competition clean and fair. But the system must change.

I thought the point of the organization was to keep the sport clean by testing everyone and catching cheaters. Not attempt to catch people when they’re not home and make no attempt to actually test them and mess with the livelihoods of people who are clearly not doping. This isn’t justice for anybody. Not me, not them, not the sport, who wins here? And the consequences are huge…they are missing with my opportunity to build generational wealth.

Unlike other sports leagues, there is no face card who makes these decisions and has to stand on this nonsense. Only my reputation takes a hit and I don’t even know who has the final say. The organization just looks as if they’re doing their job but they’re not… 

Why has this happened to so many other ppl with no explanation to the fans? No explanation on the rules or the process or what really happens. They just hang athletes out to dry over some paperwork (filing failure).. paperwork!

The sport is in trouble and needs some sort of reform. I was quiet last time but I’m not about to let my rep take a hit again for literally no reason. I have no idea what I could’ve done to avoid this but my parents did get me a Ring Doorbell camera for Christmas so that should nip all and any miscommunication in the bud! Id.

It’s crazy I even have to make this kind of post instead of USADA, the AIU and USATF [USA Track & Field] just standing with me. Someone who is a huge part of the sport and also someone who wants the sport to be as clean and popular as possible. I get tested so much, blood and urine, and they can look at my numbers and see I’ve been consistent since I entered the testing pool in 2015. If someone is cheating then just say that but if someone is clearly not then come out and say that too. 

A lot of people don’t realize just how grueling the drug testing process is for every athlete under this system. We are subject to testing any day and any time. The testers can show up unannounced and we must be available. We must “file” our daily activities and whereabouts, so an agent knows where we are at any given time.

It doesn’t matter if I’m going to the movies or traveling across the world, every move must be entered so we can be tested at random. I’ve had the app freeze and stop working on me before I had to take off for a flight and I almost lost my mind worrying that someone could be coming to try to test me while I’m in the air lol.

If you have 3 failed attempts in a year you are subject to some sort of suspension. The crazy parts about all this is that different agents follow all types of different protocols and also people have faced less severe penalties for ACTUALLY failing a drug test.

This process has caused me much stress, many panic attacks and a lot of anxiety. I’d much rather just share my phone location and they can pull up whenever, wherever. I’ve been running track since I was 4-years old. I’ve had the same love and passion for the sport for 20 years but dealing with all of this from last year to now has definitely taken some joy out of it for me. I just want to run but this situation has been frustrating, infuriating and disappointing to say the least. I will share more in the coming weeks when I hear more but I appreciate the support, trust and faith from all my people.

• This statement was posted by Christian Coleman on Twitter on 16 June 2020. Click here for the original.

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