6th June 2017

Sports Integrity Briefs – 6 June 2017

Konrad Bukowiecki (pictured)who lost his World Junior Championships shot put title and U20 world record after reporting an adverse analytical finding (AAF) for higenamine, is reportedly to sue the manufacturer of the supplement that caused his positive test. “I feel cheated by the manufacturer, who did not list the illegal substance in the list of ingredients”, Bukowiecki told Poland’s Super Express (SE). “The company does not feel it is at fault, which in my opinion is evident. I insist on compensation, although my lost medal and record cannot be returned”.

• Brazilian football club Sao Paulo removed Christian Cueva from its line up for its 1-0 loss to Ponte Preta on 4 June due to concerns that a spray the Peruvian was using could result in a positive doping test. “It is a spray that contains a substance in quantities that are probably too small to result in a problem, but when it comes to doping, we cannot take any chances”, club doctor José Sánchez told Peruvian newspaper El Popular.

• A technicality has led a US District Court to dismiss a lawsuit brought by the parents of former Derek Boogaard, alleging that the National Hockey League (NHL) should have known that the former player was not complying with treatment. However, the US Court for the Northern District of Illinois argued that Boogaard’s parents could not sue the NHL on his behalf, as they were not appointed trustees of their son’s estate, reports the Associated Press. Boogaard died of an accidental overdose of painkillers and alcohol in 2011, after recovering from a concussion. A posthumous brain examination revealed he had been suffering from chronic traumatic encephalopathy.

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