News 4 March 2016

Sports Integrity Briefs – 4 March 2016

• The Venezuelan Professional Baseball League (LVBP) has suspended four players for doping, it announced on 1 March. Sanctions have been levied against designated hitter Alex Cabrera, pitchers Brayan Villarreal and Jose Mijares and receiver Yorvit Torrealba, for violating the Anti-Doping Program LVBP (PALVBP). Cabrera tested positive for amphetamine on 3 January and has been suspended for 25 games; Villarreal tested positive for stanozolol on 27 December and was suspended for 25 games; Torrealba also tested positive for stanozolol on 29 December and was suspended for 25 games; Mijares was suspended for 60 games after testing positive more than once for a ‘drug of abuse’. Twelve players have tested positive since the LVBP introduced a testing programme last year.

• The Chief Executive of Adidas, Herbert Hainer, told Reuters that the sportswear manufacturer has yet to terminate its partnership with the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). In January, Adidas told the IAAF that it would be terminating its sponsorship early, however as reported by the Sports Integrity Initiative in January, the two parties remained in discussion about how the relationship – which dates back to 1928 – could be salvaged.

• Former President of the Guatemalan football association, Brayan Jimenez, has been released from custody after paying US$1.5 million in bail, reports Inside World Football. Jimenez was extradited to the US on 1 March as part of the Department of Justice’s (DoJ) inquiries into corruption in football.

• A representative for the USA’s National Football League (NFL) appeared in a New York court yesterday to appeal a US District Judge’s decision to overturn a four-game suspension on footballer Tom Brady (pictured), as reported by the Sports Integrity Initiative. During the appeal the judges reportedly directed a number of questions at Brady’s representative, spending ‘considerable time on the underlying facts of the case and the strength of the evidence against Brady’.

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