4th July 2018

Sports Integrity Briefs – 4 July 2018

• The US Department of Justice (DoJ) is seeking US$1.2 million from Johan Bruyneel, the former Director of the US Postal cycling team, in a new lawsuit alleging that he defrauding the US government through sponsorship payments that paid his salary whilst the team was doping, reports USA Today. Former team member, Lance Armstrong, paid $5 million to settle a similar lawsuit in April, which alleged that such doping was a violation of his contract.

• The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has filed an appeal with the Swiss Federal Tribunal against a Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) decision to clear Russian cross country skier Alexander Legkov of committing an anti-doping rule violation (ADRV), reports InsideTheGames. The CAS Panel ruled that it was not ‘comfortably satisfied’ that Legkov had committed an ADRV, as his urine samples did not contain physiologically impossible levels of salt. An earlier IOC decision had asserted that salt levels in his sample indicated that it had been tampered with.

• A Brazilian doctor put an undercover reporter posing as an athlete in touch with a supplier of prohibited substances, a new investigation by reporters for ARD claims. The investigation also claims that the doctor supplied the undercover reporter with dietary supplements that contained prohibited substances. The doctor concerned is being investigated by Sao Paulo’s medical regulatory authority, but investigations have yet to conclude.

• Malta’s government has created a Sports Integrity Unit as part of a Bill aimed at tackling corruption in sport, reports the Times of Malta. It is understood that the SIU will collect and analyse information relating to suspected cases of manipulation of sporting events.

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