30th March 2021

Sports Integrity Briefs – 30 March 2021

Dr. Eufemiano Fuentes has claimed that Spanish medalists at the Barcelona 1992 Olympics used prohibited substances, in an interview by Jordi Évole for LaSexta. Real Madrid is reportedly considering legal action after Fuentes, who was the doctor at the centre of the Operación Puerto blood doping investigation, didn’t deny that he had worked with doctors at the football club.

• FIFA has warned that the Pakistan Football Federation (PFF) could be suspended, after a Normalisation Committee it appointed in June 2019 was kicked out. Haroon Malik, Chairman of the Committee, told FootballPakistan.com that he was forced to relinquish control following an apparently hostile takeover by Syed Ashfaq Hussain Shah, former PFF President. 

• A cyclist and a track and field athlete have been sanctioned for anti-doping rule violations, the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) announced. Viktor Manakov (Виктор Манаков), who rode for the Marathon-Tula team, has been sanctioned with a six month ban that expires on 4 April 2021. It is understood that Manakov, who was represented by former RUSADA Director General Anna Antseliovich (Анна Анцелиович), successfully argued that his anti-doping rule violation (ADRV) was caused by a contaminated supplement which did not list the substance involved on its label. Nadezhda Fedorova (Надежду Федорову), a track and field athlete and not the Paralympic cross country skier of the same name, has been sanctioned with a two year ban expiring on 20 June this year.

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