News 3 March 2016

Sports Integrity Briefs – 3 March 2016

• FIFA’s acting President Issa Hayatou was promised a six-figure bonus for pushing through FIFA’s Reform Package, reports Bloomberg. Citing an unnamed whistleblower, the report states that the bonus made up half of the salary promised to Hayatou (pictured).

• Former elite cyclist Lance Armstrong has criticised the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) at a lecture to students at the University of Colorado, reports Business Insider. Armstrong said that USADA went after him because it need to demonstrate its effectiveness. “They needed something to show that they were effective”, he reportedly told students. “It worked. And now the world views him [USADA CEO Travis Tygart] and them and the organisation and all of their peers, and any other anti-doping agency, as truly effective, when they’re really not.”

• Former Guatemalan football federation President Brayan Jimenez has pleaded not guilty to charges of corruption, money laundering, fraud and embezzlement, reports Reuters. Jimenez, a member of FIFA’s Committee for Fair Play and Social Responsibility, was extradited to the US on 1 March.

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