28th July 2020

Sports Integrity Briefs – 28 July 2020

• Swimmer Sun Yang has filed two appeals with the Swiss Supreme Court, his lawyers confirmed. ‘On 28 April 2020, Mr. Sun Yang filed an application with the Swiss Supreme Court to set aside the award rendered by the Court of Arbitration for Sport on 28 February 2020, by which the CAS Panel announced an eight-year ban against Mr. Sun Yang’, read a statement from Bonnard Lawson and Schellenberg Wittmer. ‘On 15 June 2020, Mr. Sun Yang filed an application for revision of the same award in addition to the setting-aside application’. Sun was sanctioned with an eight year ban in February for tampering with the doping control process, after initially being cleared of an anti-doping rule violation (ADRV).

Michael Lauber, Switzerland’s Federal Prosecutor, has resigned after the Federal Administrative Court upheld most of the allegations against him, which related to breaches of official duty due to secret meetings with Gianni Infantino, President of FIFA. ‘I respect the judgment of the Federal Administrative Court’, read a statement from Lauber. ‘I still reject the insinuation that I lied in all forms. However, if you don’t believe in me as a Federal Prosecutor, it will harm the Prosecutor’s Office. I therefore offer the responsible judicial commission my resignation.’

Kanzi Anik Islam has been sanctioned with a two year ban after a sample taken at a 6 November 2018 match between Dhaka Metro vs. Chattagram Division returned an adverse analytical finding (AAF) for methamphetamine. ‘ln Mr Anik’s case in considering his level of Fault, the BCB has considered his youth and relative inexperience, the fact that he did not ingest the Prohibited Substance in an effort to enhance his sport performance, his limited anti-doping education and his prompt admission of the anti-doping rule violation when first notified to him (namely in February 2019 and again immediately after receiving a copy of the Notice of Charge)’, read a statement from the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB). ‘ln addition to this, in considering the appropriate sanction, the BCB is giving him credit for agreeing an outcome that avoids the need for a hearing and so saves considerable time and money for use elsewhere in the fight against doping. ln light of all of this, the BCB considers that a period of lneligibility of two (2) years is reasonable and proportionate in respect of Mr Anik’s case.’

Mahlatse ‘Chiliboy’ Ralepelle is appealing an eight year sanction imposed by the South African Institute for Drug Free Sport (SAIDS) last year, reports News24. It is understood that the former Springbok will argue that the Doping Control Officer involved in taking his sample lied about how the sample collection process unfolded, and will assert that chain of custody procedures were not adhered to.

• A sixth horseman has been sanctioned with a four year ban due to ongoing investigations into arrangements for other people to give doping samples in the ancient Italian sport of Sartiglia. It is understood that such substitutions were arranged in order to prevent riders from reporting adverse analytical findings (AAFs – or ‘positive tests’). Gianluca Russo has been sanctioned with a four year ban from 20 July 2020. Three riders registered with the Italian equestrian federation (FISE), Paolo Rosas, Marco and Roberto Pau, plan to appeal their sanctions, reports Unione Sarda. It is understood that the three are riding instructors, and are concerned that their four year bans will damage their business.

Netball New Zealand has caught people working for illegal offshore bookmakers transmitting games from the opening rounds of the ANZ Premiership at the Auckland Netball Centre to Asia, reports The Otago Times. “We’d anticipated this because we knew we were one of the few live sports that were allowing audiences in, so this was a possibility that this would occur so we did keep our eyes open for it”, Netball NZ’s Head of Events and International, Kate Agnew, told the newspaper. It is understood that information has been passed to Sport New Zealand and the police.

• Washington Nationals catcher Felipe ‘Tres’ Barrera III has filed a lawsuit alleging that he was wrongfully suspended by Major League Baseball (MLB), as its test for the oral steroid Turinabol (dehydrochloromethyltestosterone – DHCMT) is flawed. Barrera III, who was suspended for 80 games on 24 July, alleges that other non-prohibited substances can mimic the metabolite of DHCMT that caused his adverse analytical finding (AAF).

• Snooker player Marko Stoilkovic (Марка Стоилковића) has been sanctioned with a two year ban from 24 July 2020 after testing positive for morphine, the Anti-Doping Agency of Serbia (ADAS) announced.

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