25th February 2021

Sports Integrity Briefs – 25 February 2021

• Turkish wrestler Ufuk Yilmaz will receive a Gold medal in the +90kg category from the Qatar 2019 World Beach Games after the original winner, Pouya Rahmani of Iran, was disqualified for an anti-doping rule violation (ADRV) involving stanozolol. Bulgarian Wrestler Miglena Selishka will receive a Silver medal in the -50kg category, after the Silver won by Miesinnei Genesis of Nigeria was disqualified for an ADRV involving furosemide. ANOC announced the Decisions earlier this month, and said that they have been passed to United World Wrestling (UWW) to determine sanctions.

• A Swiss amateur footballer has been sanctioned with a four year ban for using and possessing metandienone. ‘As part of a police check, a can with several tablets of metandienone was found and confiscated from an amateur football player’, announced Anti-Doping Switzerland. ‘During police questioning, the football player admitted he had been consuming metandienone, which is prohibited in sport at all times, since January 2019’. The four year ban is backdated to 20 December 2019, when the player was provisionally suspended.

Russian athletes will not be able to compete at the Torun 2021 European Indoors, which takes place from 5-7 March, the Russian Athletics Federation (RusAF) has confirmed. ‘The Russian Athletics Federation has done everything possible so that our clean athletes can take part in the European Indoor Championships’, read a statement. ‘However, the possibility of returning neutral status to Russian athletes will most likely be considered at the World Athletics Council meeting on 17-18 March, but not earlier’. Former RusAF officials were recently sanctioned for falsification of documents in connection to the Danil Lysenko case. A World Athletics Panel Decision revealed that pressure was applied to the young athlete by RusAF officials keen to distance themselves from any blame. 

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