24 November 2021

Sports Integrity Briefs – 24 November 2021

• The Swedish trotting association (ST) has trained a dog to detect if prohibited substances are present in horse urine. Lykke, which means ‘happiness’ in Swedish, will inspect competition venues, horse boxes, and stables in order to identify horses that should be targeted for testing.

Bernard Sainz, known by the ‘Doctor Mabuse’ monicker, is being questioned in the Paris Criminal Court this week after being charged with illegal practice of medicine; illegal practice of pharmacology; and inciting use of prohibited substances in sport. The charges were advanced after Sainz was filmed giving doping advice to athletes in 2016. He told the Court that his role was only to give advice, reports Ouest France. 

Kuftu Tahir Dadiso, a 26 year old Ethiopian road runner, has been sanctioned with an 18 month ban from 20 May 2021 for an anti-doping rule violation (ADRV). The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) accepted that she had mistakenly taken her husband’s Sandoz Morphine medication during the night before an 11 April 2021 competition, as she was experiencing menstrual cramps.

Sport Resolutions has disputed a claim by the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) that it failed to deliver a list of electoral candidates by a 19 November deadline. ‘The EDP, operated independently by Sport Resolutions, has considered the candidacies of individuals put forward for election to the IWF posts in accordance with its Terms of Reference, and its determinations were communicated to the candidates and the IWF on Friday 19th November 2021 in accordance with its Terms of Reference, read a statement. ‘The EDP expects the IWF to fulfil its duty by implementing the EDP’s decisions and publishing an unredacted version of the EDP’s determinations as set out both in the EDP’s Terms of Reference and in the IWF Constitution. The EDP has performed its function entirely independently of the IWF, and will not be subject to any interference by IWF bodies or candidates.’

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