24th February 2020

Sports Integrity Briefs – 24 February 2020

• Italian police have confiscated Alexander Loginov’s (Александр Логинов) phone and laptop as part of an investigation into alleged anti-doping rule violations (ADRV), the Russian biathlete has told Russia Today. Loginov said that a police raid, which took place at the International Biathlon Union (IBU) World Championships on Saturday, was requested by the IBU due to his coach, Alexander Kasperovich (Александр Касперович), not having the correct documentation. The Russian Ministry of Sport has asked the Russian Biathlon Union (RBU) to supply any details.

• The Chinese Anti-Doping Agency (CHINADA) has announced anti-doping rule violations (ADRVs) involving 15 athletes. A 22 January post announced 13 anti-doping rule violations involving sports such as cycling, bodybuilding, and track and field. A second post, also from 22 January, announced sanctions against both a Jiu Jitsu and Skiing athlete. CHINADA resumed testing over the weekend, after it was temporarily suspended due to the coronavirus.

• The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has released its testing statistics for 2019. The list (PDF below) only concerns tests performed by the ITF, and not those conducted by national anti-doping organisations (NADOs).

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