News 29th April 2021

Sport Ireland reports three ADRVs from 1,045 tests during 2020

Sport Ireland reported three anti-doping rule violations (ADRV) during 2020, 0.3% of the 1,045 tests it conducted during the year, its Annual Review (PDF below) reveals. Sport Ireland spent €839,872.64 on testing during the year, meaning that the average cost of a test was €804. Or, looking at the figures another way, each ADRV cost it €279,560. The testing programme cost €1.9 million in total, including education and research, salaries, legal advice, consultancy fees, travel and subsistence, advertising, printing, and other overheads. 

During the year, four ADRVs were also reported from pending cases begun during 2019. One hundred and eight samples were put into long term storage, and 18 therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs) were approved. There were four ‘whereabouts’ failures in 2020, down from seven in 2019. The highest number of tests were conducted on cyclists (191) during 2020, followed by Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) sports (138), Rugby Union (114), and athletics (112).

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