4 August 2017

Spanish weightlifter hopeful of receiving London 2012 gold by 2018

A Spanish weightlifter is hoping to receive her gold medal after winning the 75kg weightlifting category at the London 2012 Olympics by the end of the year, after initially finishing fourth. The three competitors scoring more points than Lidia Valentín Pérez (Svetlana Podobedova, Nataliya Zabolotnaya, and Iryna Kulesha) have been disqualified for doping (click on the links for sanction information).

‘Today, five years ago, I became an Olympic Champion’, Valentín Pérez wrote on Twitter (see below). ‘But not really an Olympic champion…not the ones that cheat and will do anything to get to the top…not the ones that lie to the public, to the spectators, to society, to their rivals, to themselves, to their own country. They hear the national anthem, the applause of the pubic and see the flag being raised, knowing that it is all a lie. The greatest satisfaction is the strength that comes from within you, your desire to win through clean work and honest effort, without any shortcuts, knowing that being honest with yourself is more important than any medal. I hope to receive my medal before the end of the year.’

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