News 30th April 2021

Spanish police dismantle major steroid laboratory

A major performance enhancing drugs laboratory has been dismantled by Spanish police, following an operation conducted in association with the Spanish anti-doping agency (AEPSAD). Three million active doses were recovered by police, as well as 65kg of active ingredients capable of producing another 38 million doses. Twenty one people have been arrested in connection with the operation and searches have been carried out at 20 properties across Spain, involving the additional seizure of 1kg of MDMA (ecstasy) and a firearm.

The laboratory was involved in manufacturing anabolic steroids and hormonal and metabolic modulators. It imported the raw ingredients from China, the Netherlands and the UK, and was producing 800kg of performance enhancing drugs per year. It had the ability to produce 1,000kg annually. Police said that it was ‘the most active clandestine anabolic and hormone laboratory in Europe’.

The laboratory produced 30 different products under two distinct brand names. The investigation began after 500 boxes of the same brand were seized in Cádiz during December 2018, and eventually led police to the laboratory. 

The criminals used gyms and nutrition stories in order to distribute the drugs. The mother of a gym owner collaborated with the group by claiming to be a retired physician, allowing her to develop the trust of customers to whom she administered drugs. 

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