27th September 2019

Snixer Sports issues legal notice to Afghan Cricket Board

Snixer Sports has sent a legal notice to the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB), after the body terminated its rights agreement with the company earlier this month, citing integrity concerns and failure to pay rights fees. In a statement sent to The Sports Integrity Initiative, the New Delhi based company accuses Lutfullah Stanikzai, CEO of the ACB, of terminating the contract without consulting the ACB board members.

Snixer Sports alleges that the Anti Corruption Unit (ACU) of the International Cricket Council (ICC) is investigating ‘allegations of misconduct’ by ACB officials and stakeholders regarding the inaugural edition of the ACB’s T20 League in 2018. ‘We fail to understand how the ACB can be reckless enough to terminate the League without any rationale and over unfounded attributions’, reads the statement. ‘We have suffered huge losses owing to such illegal termination and we shall take appropriate legal action to recover the same if our current talks don’t succeed’.

The statement also alleges that the ACB has engaged the office of the country’s Attorney General to investigate ‘irregularities’ with the ACB Board of Directors. An earlier ACB statement announced that the Attorney General’s office had been engaged to investigate ‘administrative allegations of corruption’ regarding the inaugural October 2018 edition of the T20 League.

As reported by The Sports Integrity Initiative, the ACB did not elaborate on the integrity concerns that prompted it to cancel its contract with Snixer Sports. One of the Directors of the company is understood to be Abhishek Anilkumar Agarwal. He is also listed as a Director of Radha Madhav Corporation Limited (RMCL), and has been arrested for export fraud, reports the Times of India. In September last year, wicketkeeper Mohammed Shahzad reported an approach by two spot fixers in connection to the first edition of the ACB T20 Premier League to the ICC.

The Snixer Sports statement alleges that the ACB’s decision could end up costing it over US$10 million. A spokesperson for the company denied that this was a threat designed to force the ACB to renegotiate its deal with the company. It is understood that the ACB has yet to reply to Snixer Sport’s legal notice. The second edition of the ACB’s T20 Premier League has been postponed until 2020.

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