12th December 2018

Six rugby union players sanctioned in Clenbuterol NZ investigations

New Zealand Rugby’s Judicial Committee has sanctioned six rugby union players with bans as part of ongoing investigations into customers of the Clenbuterol NZ internet site. Rugby players make up 20 of the 26 athletes sanctioned as a result of investigations, 18 of which are rugby union players and two of which are rugby league players.

The latest sanctions include Nathanial Walker, who has represented New Zealand at Sevens, and has been sanctioned with a two year ban for ‘possession and use or attempted use’ of clenbuterol. Sanctions included a four year ban issued to amateur player Henry Boyhan, who was issued with a four year ban for ‘possession, trafficking or attempted trafficking’ of clenbuterol and dianabol.

Drug-Free Sport New Zealand (DFSNZ) began sanctioning athletes a year ago after being passed details about purchasers from the website by Medsafe, the New Zealand Medicines and Medical Devices Safety Authority, which began investigating the site in 2015. DFSNZ reviewed the names provided by Medsafe in 2016, and found 107 athletes who were registered as members of New Zealand sport organisations. Josh Townshend – the owner of the Clenbuterol NZ website – was jailed for two years after admitting to 129 breaches of New Zealand’s Medicines Act 1981, including possession, advertising and sale of anabolic steroids, clenbuterol, and related medicines.

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