News 12 October 2015

Singaporean match-fixer imprisoned for 30 months

Selvarajan Letchuman has been sentenced to 30 months imprisonment for attempting to fix a Malaysian Super League match between Lions XII and Sarawak FA on 22 May 2012. On 15 September 2015, Letchuman pleaded guilty to offering a RM15,000 (€3,200) bribe to referee Shokri Bin Nor. He also pleaded guilty to two charges of conspiring with former Singapore national team player, Thana Segar S Sinnaiah (Thana Segar) in an attempt to cheat the Singapore Pools out of money. A statement from the Singapore Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) confirmed that he was sentenced under the Prevention of Corruption Act on 9 October.

In April, Thana Segar was jailed for two years on charges including attempts to fix the game, as reported by the Sports Integrity Initiative. He was jailed for corruption and immigration offences, but had earlier pleaded guilty to an attempt to bribe referee Shokri; attempts to cheat the Singapore Pools and failure to present a passport when fleeing the country.

All three (Letchuman, Shokri and Segar) were arrested before the 2012 game kicked off, however the New Straits Times reports that Shokri has absconded. It is understood that Letchuman is a project manager who met Thana Segar through mutual friends in 1997. Thana Segar and Shokri are understood to be from the same home town.

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