1st September 2017

Sharjeel Khan sanctioned with match-fixing ban

The Anti-Corruption Tribunal of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has sanctioned Sharjeel Khan with a five year ban with two and a half years suspended, after he was found guilty of all five match-fixing charges filed by the PCB. Khan will be suspended for two and a half years unless he is found guilty of a similar offence in the future, in which case the full five year ban will be automatically reinstated. Although the PCB Tribunal has yet to publish its full reasoning, the PCB statement said that the decision to suspend part of the sanction had been take due to Khan’s ‘good conduct’ during the hearing.

Sharjeel was initially charged with match-fixing in February this year, as part of the PCB’s inquiry into an international syndicate it believed was attempting to corrupt the opening game of the 2017 Pakistan Super League (PSL) in Dubai. A total of five cricketers, including Sharjeel, have been implicated by the PCB. They include Shahzaib Hasan, Khalid Latif, Mohammad Irfan, and Nasir Jamshed, whom the PCB is understood to have interviewed in the UK.

‘The PCB fully backed the Anti Corruption and Vigilance Department as soon as the plot to corrupt the opening game of the Pakistan Super League 2017 season was unearthed’, read a PCB statement. ‘Both Sharjeel Khan and Khalid Latif were promptly withdrawn and sent home for their questionable conduct that sullied the game besides tarnishing the spotless reputation of the PSL. The PCB’s legal team worked tirelessly with the Anti Corruption and Vigilance Department over the course of the last six months to bring Sharjeel Khan’s case to it’s logical conclusion. PCB hopes that the three remaining players will be dealt with in accordance to the proportionality of their offences.’

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