30th July 2020

RusAF will remain suspended until MoS pays fine

The Russian Athletics Federation (RusAF) will remain suspended from World Athletics until 30 September after Oleg Matytsin, Russia’s Minister of Sport, agreed an ‘unconditional commitment’ to pay a US$5 million fine (and $1.3 million in associated costs) by 15 August. Andersen added that Matytsin had also agreed to support the reinstatement of RusAF going forward. 

Andersen explained that not only had RusAF not met its 1 July deadline to pay the $5 million fine and $1.3 million in associated costs, but a ‘reinstatement commission’ formed by RusAF had failed to hold a single meeting. As outlined by World Athletics in March, a further $5 million fine remains suspended for two years, but will become immediately payable if RusAF ‘commits a further breach of the Anti-Doping Rules or fails to make meaningful progress towards satisfying the reinstatement conditions set by Council’.

“We have received confirmation from the Minister, in writing, that the money will be received by 15 August”, said Rune Andersen, Chair of the IAAF Taskforce on RusAF reinstatement, at a press conference today (video below). “We do not know where the money is coming from”.

Andersen outlined that World Athletics had convened a Congress meeting so that its members could vote on the expulsion of RusAF from World Athletics. He added that this meeting and decision has been suspended, provided that:

• The $6.3 million is paid by 15 August;
• A draft reinstatement plan is provided by 31 August; and
• A final reinstatement plan is agreed by 30 September.

Andersen said that if all of the above is completed, Authorised Neutral Athletes (ANAs) from Russia will be able to apply to compete in international competitions, but will not be able to represent their country internationally in 2020. The previous limit of 10 ANAs agreed in March will remain in place for 2020, but will be reviewed in December 2020 based on the progress made by RusAF towards reinstatement. Andersen outlined that if any of the above conditions are not met, Congress will meet and consider whether to suspend RusAF.

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