7th November 2018

Peru warned over law making FPF subject to national legislation

The Peruvian Football Federation (FPF) has received a letter from FIFA warning that it could be suspended if the Peruvian Congress adopts amendments to a law that would make the FPF subject to national legislation. ‘We have learned that the proposed amendments to the law apparently mandate that in addition to the Statutes, Regulations and decisions of FIFA, CONMEBOL and the FPF itself, the FPF is subject to “the applicable national legal regulations”’, read a 10 October letter from Fatma Samoura, FIFA’s Secretary General (see below). ‘Based on the analysis carried out by the FPF, some provisions of these national legal regulations, particularly the laws 28036 (23.07.2003); 28910 (02.12.2006); 29544 (21.06.2010); and 30474 (07.06.2016) in cases where they are applied, would contravene the requirements of FIFA and CONMEBOL’.

On 15 January, Congress passed law no. 30727 entitled ‘Strengthening the Peruvian National Football Federation’. It mandated that the FPF hold Presidential elections at the end of the next Olympic cycle in 2020, after FPF President Edwin Oviedo (pictured) had attempted to extend his mandate to 2022.

It is understood that Congress attempted to modify the law following allegations that Oviedo attempted to bribe a judge, due to concerns about his potential implication in the ‘Los Wachiturros’ investigation into the assassination of two senior Tumán sugar refinery employees. Grupo Oviedo, which the FPF President founded, owns the Tumán sugar refinery.

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